Snowy Morning!

September 9, 2020

I woke up this morning to two inches of snow! Colorado weather is so strange. It was in the 90’s on Monday, it snowed on Tuesday with the daytime temp staying in the low 30’s, and it is still snowing this morning with a temp of 30! (All temps are in Fahrenheit.)

We tried to shake the trees last night, but the early snow had turned to water and frozen onto the leaves and the later snow was sticking to the ice. I can normally walk under the branch that I took a picture of from the front window. The branch is almost touching the ground.

12 thoughts on “Snowy Morning!

      1. Golden is on the plains side of the mountains, between the mountains and Denver. People often think Denver is in the mountains since it is the “Mile High City”, but it is on the plains. In the winter and spring, we get inversions that hold the pollution over the Denver and us. We call it the brown cloud. I get stunning views of Denver from the office and I can clearly see the brown cloud over Denver when it is there.

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    1. When we first moved to the Denver area, about 25 years ago, I was so excited to get snow. I have to say, I’m mostly not that excited anymore when it snows. This snow was amazing. It had been so hot for days and then the snow. I know it is going to hurt farmers who didn’t have their crops in. I feel bad for them

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