Yay! Stuff Keeps Disappearing

September 23, 2020 Bruce carried a second table outside to put allow him to put more stuff to give away on. As stuff disappears throughout the day, he checks his list and carries out stuff to fill the empty spots on the tables. It seems to be a good system, since stuff keeps disappearing.

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Bye-Bye Stuff

September 22, 2020 After we finished categorizing our stuff, store, take, and dispose, we went through the dispose to determine if we thought we would get any money for it. The answer was mostly no. Yesterday, Bruce put a table out, with a sign on it, free stuff. He is putting out the stuff in […]

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Shingles Vaccine

September 18, 2020 Bruce got his blood work results yesterday and found out that he had chickenpox as a child. He didn’t remember having chickenpox and his parents weren’t sure if he had them. Since he had chickenpox, he can get shingles. After seeing the problems I’ve had from shingles, he wants to avoid them. […]

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More Sorting Stuff

September 18, 2020 Bruce has been going through each room downstairs and putting the items in the room on a list. Once he has the items in the room on the list, after I get off work, he askes me what I think about taking, storing, or disposing of the items on the list. If […]

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