More Preparing

August 24, 2020

Last weekend, Bruce and I started going through our stuff. We decided to go room-by-room and outside, area-by-area. We are classifying items as take, store, dispose.

  • Take – Bring with with us (at least we think we need/want it)
  • Store – Store it until we find another sticks and bricks. We have somethings that are unique and I will want them once we stop RVing.
  • Dispose – Sell, give away, donate, leave behind, or put in trash.

We went through the garden shed, side yard, porch, garage, Bruce’s office, library, and bar. We still have some rooms to go through.

It feels good to have made tangible progress (written list) of what we need to do with some of our things.

We talked about having a garage sell to start the dispose process for items that we can sell.

7 thoughts on “More Preparing

  1. We moved a year ago, purging tons of stuff in the process, and we have also been going through my parents things now that they are both gone. The hardest thing is figuring out what to do with the stuff. No one wants most of it 😦

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  2. We had a similar situation and it turned out most of my stuff was disposable and most of my wife’s stuff was extremely precious and had to be retained and protected at all costs. I didn’t have a vote on it.

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    1. We are a little more equitable. We are getting rid of both our books. We’ve had a quick discussion about some items. Bruce feels he wants to keep it, he gets to. Most of the furniture has to go. We are only going to keep the furniture we can’t replace. He gets to keep all his tools. We haven’t gotten to the kitchen yet, so that might be really hard for me.


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