Bees in My Herb Garden

July 31, 2020 There have been so many honey bees in my herb garden that I can hear them buzzing as they flit from flower to flower. At lunch today, I took some pictures of honey bees in my herb garden and thought I’d share. The bees seemed to know just when I was trying […]

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Southwestern BLT Sandwich

(Or How to Make a Sandwich in Fourteen Steps!) I grew up eating tomato sandwiches with tomatoes still warm from the sun. There was nothing like picking a completely ripe tomato and immediately eating it in a sandwich. There is something magical about a sweet and acidic tomato with salt on bread with mayo. When […]

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Flare Up Fading

July 21, 2020 Since so many of you expressed concern and sympathy, I wanted to let you know that my flare up of postherpetic neuralgia is fading . I am mostly down to pain levels that I can ignore. I have fewer parts of my body lit up with pain. I am hoping I will […]

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Lavender Italian Soda

Since I made lavender syrup a few days ago, I have been using it. I poured it over blueberries instead of sprinkling them with sugar. The flora note of the lavender was lovely with the blueberries. Bruce makes 5 gallons of seltzer water at a time and keeps it in his kegerator. While we mostly […]

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Grill Blistered Green Beans Topped with Garlic, Red Pepper Flakes, and Capers

Hienie’s Market had fresh green beans and I bought a pound. I was considering how to cook them without heating up the house, when I ran across a recipe from Bon Appetit It sounded delicious, but I didn’t want to cook it on the stove, so I took it to the grill. Bruce and […]

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