More April Snow

April 17, 2020

Ah, springtime in the Rockies! All the snow from the previous snowfall had melted, and the weather had started warming up some. Yesterday, we woke up to seven inches of snow and 24 degrees F. The temperature got all the way to a balmy 25 degrees F. A light snowfall fell all day, and we accumulated another two inches of snow before heading to bed.

Poor Luna hates the cold. She slept on my lap almost the entire time I was working yesterday. I held her up to the camera so my co-workers could get a kick out of seeing her.

Nox went bounding out in the snow a few times yesterday. Bruce leaves the back gate open for Nox while he shovels the driveway. Nox loves watching Bruce shovel snow! She is a very good dog, and will stay behind the gate until he says okay, then she bounds out, and heads straight for him. After she gets told she is good dog, she runs to the end of the drive ways and starts watching the world. She loves to see people and if the people have dogs, it is even better!

Luna will see there is snow and turn right around and go back inside through the dog door. She really doesn’t like the snow, and the deeper it is, the more unhappy she is.

This morning, we woke up to bright sunshine reflected off the snow and 14 degrees F. Luna has spent the day lying on my lap, sleeping. Nox went for a romp in the snow, and came back covered in it. We got her to shake so most of the snow came off.

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