Downsizing (5) More Books Gone

We’ve managed to give away one bookcase worth of books. It’s surprising how much I care that they will be enjoyed. I have been delighted by the number of co-workers who taken the books and will enjoy them as the treasures that they are.

I am considering following up on a comment made by TXRed to see if the VA hospital in the area might want some books. I gave some to a local charity that provides housing to families with very ill children. Reading can be a wonderful respite from worries.

One Empty Bookcase, Four to Go, Plus Cookbooks

2 thoughts on “Downsizing (5) More Books Gone

  1. Julia — Just found your blog (after you found mine–thank you for following!!). Downsizing was painful for us and even though it’s been more than ten years since we went through that, I still remember it vividly. Giving up books was hardest of all, I agree. Good luck on you preparation for full-timing!


    1. Ellen – Thank you for your support on downsizing. I love reading, and several of my co-workers who have taken my books have told me they would be willing to hold them for me. They are very kind people to offer, but I know the books need to be gone for good. I’m finding I enjoy reading so many blogs that I had no idea were available until I started using WordPress. I am also enjoying writing my blog.


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