RV Gadget for Christmas

December 27, 2019

One of the things I kept seeing on the YouTube channels, when they had a videos on safety, was about safely pulling your RV. Many of them mentioned when you stop, walk around the rig and make sure everything still looks okay and check the tires for safe temperatures and pressures.

It appears many RVers check the tire temperature by touching the tires or putting their hands near the tires. I also saw some of them use an infrared thermometer. The infrared thermometer seemed a lot safer and a lot less messy.

When ThermoWorks.com sent me an email letting me know they were having a sale for the holidays, and the infrared thermometer IRK-2 with the laser circle was 20% off, I jumped on the deal. I bought it and a holster for it as a gift for Bruce. I bought the holster since my thought was, we don’t want to be hunting around the truck to find the infrared thermometer. Instead, on travel days, one of us could wear it and it would be easy to walk around our rig checking tires.

Once the IRK-2 arrived, right off, Bruce and I had fun just pointing the infrared thermometer at things to see what their temperature was. (That just shows what nerds we are.)

You can go to the ThermoWorks.com site and sign up for their emails, and they will send you really good coupons throughout the year. I love the ThermaPen-MK4 that I have for cooking. They also have a lot of good recipes on their site.

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