Mardi Gras Party Menu

I was crazy and threw two parties on Mardi Gras! I had a lunch party for my teammates at work, and then I had an evening party! I couldn’t have pulled it off without Bruce.

Mardi Gras Party Menu from 3/5/2019


Mardi Gras Cole Slaw


Shrimp Po’boys

Roasted Turkey Breast Muffaletta

 Ham & Salami Muffaletta

Vegetarian Red Beans and Rice

Spicy Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo with Rice

Mild Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo with Rice

Mild Chicken and Sausage Gumbo with Rice

French Bread with Butter and Garlic Butter


King Cake

Note: Set out bottles of original Tabasco Sauce on the table.

I decorated the house over the weekend with the following items. Mardi Gras Party Foil Swirl Pack, Mardi Gras Booty, Mardi Gras Table cover,

For the decorations: I hung one Mardi Gras party foil swirl pack over the dinning room table. I put the table cover on my dinning room table and tossed party beads and coins on the table. I then put party beads in my Great-Aunt’s champagne glasses and had them spill over the edge for center pieces. I used paper plates and bowls edged with purple, and clear plastic tableware. For long room, I hung the other Mardi Gras party foil swirl pack around the edges of the room, and over the French doors. I set up the drinks station by setting out the plastic cups, the stainless steel bucket, the ice bowl, and I tossed some bead and coins on the drinks station.

For the lunch party: Bruce picked up the muffaletta sandwiches from Jason’s Deli at 11, and when he got back, he started the gumbo and red beans heating up. I came home from work early, got the rice cooking in the Instant Pot. I put out water and lemon-aid in pitchers on the table. I started frying the shrimp, and I was just in the process of putting together the po’boys when everyone started arriving. The po’boys and muffaletta went on platters, and I dished out the cole slaw, gumbo, red beans, and rice into bowls and put them on the table. The French bread was placed in baskets; one for the French bread with garlic butter and another basket with plain butter.

For the evening party: We removed the dinning room chairs and put them into the long room. I cooked more rice in the Instant Pot. The hot food (gumbo, red beans, and rice) was placed in chafing dishes in the center of the dinning room table. I put the champagne glasses away and spread the beads under the chafing dishes. The muffalettas on a platter, along with the cole slaw in a large bowl, were placed at the end of the table. The baskets of French bread were also placed at the end of the table. Tabasco Sauce was also at the end of the table.

At the front of the dinning room table, I placed the paper plates, bowls, napkins, and tableware. The tableware, I placed in plastic cups to keep it easy to see what you were getting.

For drinks, I set out the Lemon-aid in the large pitcher, as well as put ice in the ice bowl and bucket with ice and beer in it. The kegerator was in full use. Water was also available.

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