Indian Flavored Spring Dinner Menu

Dinner Party Menu from April 10, 2021 Appetizers Pineapple Sesame Potato Patties with Mint Chutney Fried Paneer with Cucumber Raita Salad Tomato and Green Pepper Salad with Cucumber, New Delhi Style Dinner Chana Masala Carrot and Green Pea Porial Tandoori-Spiced Leg of Lamb Coconut Mint Chutney Cumin Spiced Potatoes Basmati Pilau Cucumber Raita Naan Dessert  […]

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Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving Menu from November 26, 2020 This is a non-traditional Thanksgiving menu. Appetizers Stuffed Mushrooms Salad Baby Salad Greens with Sliced Persimmon, Dressed with a Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing Dinner Green Beans with Pine Nuts Artichoke Potato Gratin Cranberry Mint Chutney Roast Lamb Rack Homemade Cloverleaf Dinner Rolls with Butter Dessert    Blueberry Hand Pies

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Southern Childhood Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Menu from the 1970’s I come from a very large family on both sides. This was what I remember being served at Thanksgiving. Sometimes my Aunt Virginia would make gumbo. Appetizers Boiled Shrimp Cheese Ball and Crackers Deviled Eggs Salad Coleslaw Iceberg Lettuce Garden Salad Macaroni Salad Dinner Creamed Corn Green Beans with Bacon […]

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Labor Day Weekend Menu

Dinner Party Menu from September 5, 2020 Appetizers Grilled Andouille Sausage Bites Grilled Figs Stuffed with Goat Cheese Grilled Bacon Wrapped Scallops Salad Salad Greens with a Vinaigrette Dinner Instant Pot Artichoke and Mushroom Risotto Grilled Tuna Steaks Grilled Onions, Eggplant, Tomato, and Zucchini Medley Dessert    Grilled Peaches with Raspberry Sauce and Whipped Cream

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Mardi Gras Party

With Mardi Gras coming up on February 25, 2020, it will be time for another party! This time, I’ll get pictures and post them! This is my working menu for next year’s party. Mardi Gras Party Menu for February 25, 2020 Nibbles Cajun Boiled Shrimp (Gluten Free) Deviled Eggs (Vegetarian and Gluten Free) Veggie Tray […]

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Ethiopian Dinner Party Menu

For a Dinner Party on January 25, 2020 I had several friends tell me that I would really like Ethiopian food, so while I was at a conference in San Francisco, I stopped in a very small Ethiopian restaurant to try it out. It was amazing! Having discovered that I love Ethiopian food, I have […]

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Mardi Gras Party Menu

I was crazy and threw two parties on Mardi Gras! I had a lunch party for my teammates at work, and then I had an evening party! I couldn’t have pulled it off without Bruce. Mardi Gras Party Menu from 3/5/2019 Salad Mardi Gras Cole Slaw Entrees Shrimp Po’boys Roasted Turkey Breast Muffaletta  Ham & […]

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Oktoberfest Party Menu (50+ People)

Menu from Oktoberfest Party on 10/12/2019 Beer Snacks Salted Nuts, Chex Mix, and Snack Mix Pretzels with Cheese Sauce and Mustard Vegetable Tray Radishes, Carrots, Celery with Dill Sour Cream Dip Main Dishes Grilled Bratwurst and Buns with Sauerkraut and Mustard Sliced Grilled Kielbasa and Buns with Sauerkraut and Mustard Grilled Chicken Legs Vegetarian Pierogies […]

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