Keeping Me Company

March 26, 2020 The dogs are really getting used to me being home all the time. As I sit at my makeshift desk, with a blanket covering my legs, Luna curls up in a little ball on my lap. Nox sleeps at my feet, snoring loud enough that Bruce hears her through his headphones! Nox […]

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Update on Luna

March 16, 2020 While Luna is more playful and acting more like her old self, she isn’t gaining any more weight. Her kidney numbers are still not good. Her test at the beginning of March showed only a 2 point drop. The normal values are around 32 to 36, and her’s are 62. They had […]

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Luna in Her Jacket

February 21, 2020 It was cold enough (18 degrees F) this morning that I put Luna’s jacket on her before taking her out. After we came in, I took some pictures of Luna and Nox. Just thought I’d share.

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Luna’s New Fashion Statement

February 14, 2020 The first time we went out to buy Luna a sweater, Bruce said, “I can’t believe we have become the people that put clothes on their dog.” Nox has enough fur to keep warm, but Luna, my little sun loving dog, doesn’t have a lot of fur, and she gets cold. She […]

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Luna Is Gaining Weight!

January 31, 2020 On her new diet, Luna is starting to gain weight. Bruce and I weighted her last night, and she was up to 5 pounds and 3 ounces! That is a significant gain from 4 pounds and 6 ounces she had gotten down to! We still have a ways to go to get […]

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Back from the Vet (Again)

January 27, 2020 We took Luna to her appointment to the vet today. The vet does not believe it is a kidney infection, but believes it is kidney disease. Luna was fine with them taking her blood pressure. She snuggled up against me and let them wrap the band around her leg. Then the vet […]

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