Back from the Vet and Hiding Out

February 4, 2020

Yesterday, Bruce took Luna and Nox back to the vet. Nox went to get her teeth cleaned. Luna went to get a sonogram of her kidneys and to have the fluid injection without us there. The vet thought that Luna’s crying may have been because we were there, and Luna wanted us to save her from the mean people giving her a shot.

We got some good news, in that Luna’s kidneys weren’t nearly as damaged as the vet expected them to be. There is permanent damage, but the vet thought that Luna might also have a localized kidney infection and prescribed antibiotics for her. Luna also tolerated the fluid injection much better without us there. The vet said she made an unhappy sound when stuck, but the didn’t fight or cry. So, we are going to have the nurse give Luna her fluid injections without us there. This could could mean my little Lunatic could have several more good years ahead of her.

In a month, the vet wants to see Luna and have some blood work done. If her numbers are better, then we’ll be able to stop the fluid injections, but we will still need to feed her the prescription dog food.

Nox, poor baby, has a funny reaction to the anesthesia used to put her under for dental cleaning. She goes around wagging her tail and whining. She looks happy, but goofy. She will stick out her tongue just a little bit. Holding her does seem to make some difference for the whining, but she will be all snugged against me or Bruce and still whine some. Nox’s teeth were in good shape, so she’s set until next year.

After being taken outside in the snow last night, Luna was ready to hide out in the crate and curl up under her blanket. I happened to get this shot of her sticking out her tongue, and then you can see her curling up under her blanket.

10 thoughts on “Back from the Vet and Hiding Out

  1. The dental anesthesia also made our dogs a bit loopy (or high), which they find confusing and disconcerting. I didn’t notice the same with the cats. As for the snow storm yesterday and today, the tall dog loves it. Our short dogs, of so much. Understandable. I hope all your kiddos are recuperating. Great news for Luna!

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    1. Yes, it was great news for Luna! Nox was over her high this morning and enjoyed racing in the snow this morning. She loves the snow even when it is way taller than she is. Luna was happy to go out, make her stop, and come back in. She hates the cold. I shoved out a spot for her in so she wouldn’t have to go in the snow. I heated up some dog food for Luna this morning and she ate all of it. I think she believes it is people food when I heat it up in the microwave. 🙂

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      1. The doctors ordered prescription food – which is made of chicken by-products. I have found an expert veterinarian’s life-work online — homemade cat and dog food recipes, some of which are for those with kidney dysfunction. The vet is pretty old and rather than another printing of his book, he put it online. See I’m making her homemade cat food from now on.

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