Baked Ground Beef Sambusas

Bruce and I had Jeanne (from and her husband Larry over for dinner on Saturday for an Ethiopian dinner. I made these and Jeanne was very interested in the recipe, so I am reposting it. I do wish I had taken some time to take some pictures. After reading several recipes, I came up […]

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Malaysian Chicken Satay

This is based on a “Cook’s Illustrated” recipe. I didn’t have several of the ingredients on hand, so this is what I used. It came out beautifully and so good. Bruce did the actual skewering and grilling. This meant dinner was ready when I finished work. Serves 4 to 6

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This is my go to guacamole recipe. I don’t recall where I read about grating the onion. Since I don’t care for biting into chucks of onion in my guacamole, I love how grating the onion distributes the onion flavor and I don’t have to worry about a chunk of onion overwhelming the rest of […]

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