Poor Little Luna

August 9, 2020

Friday afternoon, Bruce looked outside and saw Luna hoping a bit. She didn’t want to put much weight on her right back leg. Bruce picked her up and cleaned out from between her pads. She sometimes gets pine needle stuck in her paws.

When I finished work, I noticed she was still limping and took a closer look. Her poor foot was swollen all the way up to the ankle. Bruce and I discussed it and since Luna wasn’t crying, we decided to take to the vet if she wasn’t better in the morning.

She wasn’t better, so we got an appointment at 9 am and took her in. I have to say, it is very awkward taking an pet in. You have to call from the parking lot, they come and pick her up, and then the vet calls and talks to you on the phone after they’ve seen the pet.

It appears that Luna has a sting or bite that she reacted to very badly. You can see how much bigger it is than her other foot. The swelling went past the ankle.

She kept having chills, so we would put her blanket over her and she stopped shivering, she would rollout from under it.

She felt bad all of Saturday and a good bit of today. In the afternoon, she started feeling better, but she still can’t put her weight on her foot most of the time.

14 thoughts on “Poor Little Luna

    1. Thanks! This morning Luna is able to put some weight on the leg now. It doesn’t seem as swollen, so I’m hoping she is on the road to recovery.


  1. Poor baby. I hope she is completely recovered by now. If we need to see the vet, we now need to make an appointment. It has actually saved us time and worry as our vet will ask us to explain the situation (even asking for us to send a photo image of what ails the old dachshund). If she needs to prescribe medication, she just sends it via WhatsApp and all we need to do is present it to the pharmacist.

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    1. Luna had recovered from the sting or bite and had starting eating again. We were so happy she was doing so well. Sunday, she didn’t want to eat anything. She had been taking food from my hand, but now she is refusing to eat anything. I even tried with her favorite treat in hopes that would at least get her to eat something. At least she is drinking water. Our vet has been great about responding by email and getting Luna in. We are now afraid this might be the last few days for Luna.


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