The Strawberry Festival in Loxley, AL

April 11, 2023

It poured rain most of Saturday (April 8, 2023), so we spent the day inside the RV instead of going to the Strawberry Festival,

On Sunday, the rain had stopped. It was a cool (in the 50s degrees F) day. I still wanted to go to the Strawberry Festival at the Loxley Municipal Park.

We geared up and rode the motorcycle to the festival. It was a much bigger festival than the German Sausage Festival. They had a carnival with rides, as well as vendors selling food and crafts.

They also were selling strawberries from the Loxley Municipal Building. The money from the strawberry sales went to support the elementary school. The firemen were selling hamburgers and sausages to raise money for their department.

Three police officers were constantly walking around. Also there was a raised cherry picker with a police officer keeping an eye one the Festival.

The day was very humid, so with temperatures in the low 50s, it was cool. Everyone was bundled up.

I felt sorry for the ice cream vendors, but not enough to buy ice cream!

No One Buying Ice Cream

We bought gyros for our lunch and ate them under a big tent. This time, we refrained from buying funnel cakes.

I noticed this booth, selling glass bird feeders made from various glassware and cake stands. I found them to be stunning and charming at the same time. I really wished I could’ve bought one, but not with our travels.

Who knows? Once we settle somewhere again, maybe I’ll try my hand at making something like these. If you want to see better pictures of her work, she has a Facebook page with lots of beautiful photos.

On the way out, we did buy four clamshells of strawberries for $20.

We then rode home and I was glad to get inside for the warmth.

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