Fallen Fall Leaves

November 8, 2022 One day last week, we had the door to the RV open, enjoying the weather. I was reading and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a leaf flutter from the door to the floor. Having seen beautiful some pictures that A Year of Kayaking posted of fallen leaves, I […]

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Evening Walk and Frogs

March 4, 2022 The other day, Bruce was riding back to the RV and saw a spectacular sunset. The sun was a large orange ball as it sank below the horizon. He wanted me to get a chance to see the sunset from the same vantage point, so the next day, we walked to a […]

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Dusk at the RV Park

June 12, 2021 At twilight, Bruce and I took Nox for a walk around the RV park. Bruce said, “How beautiful!” I thought he meant the sunset, but he pointed to the moon and Venus, flirting with the tops of the trees, in the burnt orange of the sunset. I took some pictures that I […]

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