Checking Out Ellis, KS – Part 2

May 21, 2022

See for earlier in the day.

We walked along a gravel road that is next to the scaled down train tracks. We saw the old brick buildings that had been part of the railroad roundhouse.

We noticed a park and as we walked around, we realized it was a town RV park.

After looking at the RV park and the lake, we walked back towards Washington Street. That’s were we had parked the motorcycle. We noticed a beautiful stone building that had been a church.

We walked over to take a closer look and realize it was a museum as well. The Bukovina Society has their museum in the historic building

I walked up the steps and tried the door. It was locked. As Bruce and I were discussing what to do next, a gentleman drove up and asked if we wanted to tour the building. We said yes and the gentleman showed us maps of the Bukovina area.

Bruce asked if there was a water fountain and the answer was no. The kind gentleman took us down into the basement were they had a kitchen and provided both of us glasses of water. We also met a lovey lady who cooks for the Rotary Club.

After thanking them for the water, we walked down to the Boyhood Home of Chrysler.

The Boyhood Home of Chrysler is two buildings. One of the building is the house Chrysler and the other is a garage type building with a lot of memorabilia.

The inside of the house was well done. It felt you were in the days railroad was king.

We even got to go up the stairs, which were very narrow and see the boys’ bedroom and the girl’s bedroom.

We walked back to the motorcycle and started to gear up. Bruce reached in his pocket to get the motorcycle key. It wasn’t there! Bruce looked and realized he had left the key in the ignition and even worse he had left it in the on position! The battery was drained and the bike wouldn’t start.

We walked across the street to Gigi’s to see if they knew someone who might have jumper cables.

A nice young man, who was eating lunch with his family, stood up and offered to jump the bike. Bruce and the young man set up the cables. It took a bit for the battery to get enough juice to allow the bike to start.

I offered to buy lunch for the young man and his family to show my appreciation for his help. He laughed and said, “No need, but you could donate what you were planning to pay for my lunch to your local volunteer fire department, that would make me happy.” During the battery charging process Bruce and the young man talked and we found out the young man was a volunteer fire fighter.

Once the motorcycle started, we rode back to the RV. Nox was happy to see us. We took her for a walk and then relax.

7 thoughts on “Checking Out Ellis, KS – Part 2

  1. What an interesting place, and I love the church and museum. Isn’t it wonderful when you meet someone like this young man? Volunteer fire fighters saved our house from burning in 2016.

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    1. Yes, it was so nice that everyone in the town was so polite and helpful. Everyone was willing to go out of their way to help us and tell us about their town. It reminded me of Mayberry.

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    2. My sister and her husband are volunteer fire fighters. I admire the work they do for their community. My sister is an EMT. They save lives in Mt Olive, MS.


  2. Love that tub! I usually camp at the Kansas State Fishing Lakes when passing through KS; have you seen any of those yet? Not all would be something I’d want to drive your big rig through, though.

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    1. I have not a seen one of those campgrounds yet, unless the campground in Ellis was a Kansas Fishing Park. They did have several signs about fishing.


      1. Probably not, it being a town park, and not part of the state system. The next time you drive through Kansas, look them up! Most of the ones I’ve stayed at have been quiet, and dark; no services but that’s OK with me for a night or two. And often I could launch my kayak from the campsite.

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