Heading Back to Golden, CO

May 17, 2022

I have a neurologist appointment on Monday (May 23) in Lakewood, CO. The timing worked out, as our month at River Ridge Retreat was up this morning. We packed up the RV and hitched it up to start our trip back to Dakota Ridge RV Resort.

We put the garbage on the hood of the truck. Once we got to the dumpster, Bruce stopped the rig and I threw the trash into the dumpster.

We pulled out of the park and we were on our way by 10:50 am. This post is from the truck.

We will be there for two weeks, so I’ll be visiting with a lot of my friends, including Jeanne from ajeannieinthekitchen.com. See you soon Jeanne!

8 thoughts on “Heading Back to Golden, CO

  1. Safe travels! It has been fun “being on vacation” with you these past few weeks. See you again when you are back on the road–I will wave from the hill.


    1. Sometimes the pictures turn out great, but sometimes not so good. I do feel lucky that I do get to enjoy the views while Bruce drives.


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