Cathedral Caverns State Park

May 11, 2022

On Sunday (May 8th), Bruce and I rode the motorcycle to Cathedral Caverns State Park. We meet up with friends at the gift shop parking lot around 9:45 am for the 10 am tour.

Bruce and I removed our gear and stowed it in the motorcycle case. As we walked away, I realized that I had left my phone in my motorcycle jacket. I didn’t feel like going back and getting it.

The Cathedral Caverns were spectacular! The tour guide was funny with some bad puns, but also very informative. Our tour group was small, so we got a couple of extra stops. Since I didn’t take any pictures in the cave, if you want to see some pictures of it, take a look here:

The cave tour is 3/4 of mile long and then you go back the way you came, so a round trip of 1 1/2 miles. The path rises and falls as you walk along it. There is even a bridge over the creek/river that runs through the cave. The temperature was 60 degrees F, so I was glad I wore jeans and a hoodie.

After the cave tour, we stopped by the motorcycle and I grabbed my phone so I could take some pictures of the the hike in the park.

We went for a moderate hike in the park. We started on the yellow/green trail and then followed the green trail out. It was a loop, so we ended back on the yellow/green trail where we started.

Along the trail, we saw some cave mouths, rock ridges, lots of butterflies, birds, a few flowers, centipede, and a skink lizard.

I was glad I had taken my hoodie off before starting the hike. It was cool and pleasant underneath the trees, but with the exercise of climbing up the trail, I did find myself heating up. I was glad I brought water.

3 thoughts on “Cathedral Caverns State Park

  1. Julia,

    Thanks for the tour – that cave is really impressive! I clicked on the video, but there’s something wrong with my audio, so I could just look at the video without sound.

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