Texas Rest Area

January 31, 2022 Texas has great rest areas. I took some pictures of this one along Hwy 287. The grassy areas had signs warning, “Watch for Rattlesnakes”. Nox managed to walk through an area with burrs. We sat at a picnic table in the back and picked out the burrs from Nox’s fur. She was […]

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Sunset at Veranda Inn Campground

January 31, 2022 We pulled into the Veranda Inn Campground, just east of Nocona, TX, right before sunset. This park has long concrete pads with a extra extension for the RV steps. Bruce was rather happy for the $35 a night price. The roads are gravel and the sites are close together. There is not […]

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Limited Cell Coverage

January 31, 2022 Yesterday, we discovered that cell coverage was very limited on Hwy 87. Today, we discovered that cell coverage continued to be limited on Hwy 87 and the same was true when we turned onto Hwy 287. As we got near cities or small towns, we would get cell service. Then, we’d be […]

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Heading to Florida

January 30, 2022 We packed up the RV this morning and started our retirement RV dream. We managed to leave at 10:40 am, 20 minutes before check out. The views were spectacular as we headed down (south) I-25. We stopped at a rest area and walked Nox. Nox was happy to get back in the […]

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Last Day at Work

January 28, 2022 Today was my last day at work! I am officially retired! It hasn’t sunken in yet. My co-workers have been wonderful and I received several great gifts! Several gifts were for protection! Nox even got a gift! I got these beautiful glasses from one of the teams I worked with! Thanks loan […]

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RV Sewer Support Hose

January 27, 2022 There are a few things you have to get when you purchase an RV. One of the most important things to buy is the sewer hose and sewer hose support. You need someway to manage waste. Most RVs don’t come with a sewer hose or a sewer hose support. Our RV did […]

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Snow Covered Nox

January 25, 2022 Bruce took Nox out for her morning walk. It was a winter wonderland, with snow coming down hard in large flakes. Nox loves the snow and was happy to walk in it and try to chase rabbits. When Bruce came back, he asked me to take off her walking harness put her […]

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Brunch with Friends

January 23, 2022 Yesterday, Bruce and I meet up with friends at Wrigley’s Bar and Grill for Sunday brunch. They have an all-you-can-eat buffet from 10 to noon on Sundays. They have two types of scrambled eggs (plain and Mexican style), eggs benedict, sausage, bacon, biscuits, sausage gravy, hash browns, green chili, French toast, and […]

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