Limited Cell Coverage

January 31, 2022

Yesterday, we discovered that cell coverage was very limited on Hwy 87. Today, we discovered that cell coverage continued to be limited on Hwy 87 and the same was true when we turned onto Hwy 287. As we got near cities or small towns, we would get cell service. Then, we’d be past the cell coverage. There was a section of road around Wichita Falls, TX that had great coverage.

During the time I had cell coverage, I would figure out our next steps before we lost coverage again.

It has not been ideal. I am glad I could download state maps using RV trip wizard. We are using it as our RV safe GPS, but without cell service, the app doesn’t know where we are. It will show us at the last location of cell service.

Where, oh where have the cell towers gone?

9 thoughts on “Limited Cell Coverage

  1. No – Oh where, oh where have the paper maps gone?? I use them almost exclusively, at least in part because I hate to be told where to go by a mechanical voice! I’ve used GPS navigation maybe three times, and yes, on my way into Richmond yesterday because I had NO maps in the borrowed vehicle I was driving, and had never been to the new house. But in this metropolitan area, coverage is not an issue! But you should be able to save a route to your device while you do have coverage; you just have to pay attention to significant crossroads as you progress to keep track of where you are.

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    1. It has been a learning experience for certain. I downloaded a few state maps in the RV Life app for the RV GPS. We do have a map book if worst comes to worst.


  2. We make sure to have maps on hand of each state in which we travel. We’ve learned GPS does not always tell us the best route to take, and I like to see the big picture of where we’re headed, not just a tiny square of where I am.

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  3. Unfortunately, I grew up in WIchita Falls, TX. We use to call it the armpit of Texas. 🤣 When we are going camping in the mountains, I always pre-download the map to Google Maps and it works great just using GPS alone. Good luck and safe travels!

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