Ohio, Here We Are

February 28. 2021

We have reached the hotel we are staying in and have had a late lunch or maybe an early dinner. Bruce saw a Popeyes Chicken just down the road from the hotel and that is what he wanted. We did walk about a 1/2 block to it. It felt good to move around.

Here’s some pictures of of Ohio, near Cincinnati.

6 thoughts on “Ohio, Here We Are

  1. Love the highway signs that you post! The ones here (when going through regions) are just written in white on green, with a red slash mark upon leaving the region. How I miss going on a long road trip.

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    1. It always feels like we are in a hurry to get somewhere when we go on these long road trips. We plan to slow down and see what we are missing. I’m not sure how that is going to work!

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