Colorado Gives Day Is Here!

December 8, 2020

I am always excited when Colorado Gives Day arrives! All the money I have set aside per paycheck now goes to the five charities that I support. I give to Alzheimer’s Association, Friends of Foothills Animal Shelter, Rocky Mountain Public Media, Jefferson County Library Foundation and Angels with Paws as these mean a great deal to me.

If you happen to be a Colorado resident, today is a great day to donate to your charities at Why? Today there is a $1 Million Incentive Fund to increases the value of all donations made today.

I like how easy the site makes it so easy to find the charities or types of charities that you want to support and then give to them. They also send you an email with all your contributions so you can track them for tax donations.

2 thoughts on “Colorado Gives Day Is Here!

  1. Colorado gives scones would be a worthy charity too. Just saying. I kid, I kid. This is indeed the season of giving! Our fave is City of Hope, a nearby cancer hospital but can’t forget the doggos at the local shelter, too!

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