Campfire Dinner Menu

To celebrate Bruce’s birthday, we had a campfire dinner, cooked in our fire pit. Dinner Party Menu from June 29, 2020 Appetizers Jalapeno Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Wrapped in Foil and Cooked on Coals Salad Caveman Roasted Bell Peppers and Yellow Onion with Fresh Lemon Thyme and Vinaigrette Dinner Lamb Rib Roast, Cooked in Foil, […]

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Caveman Roast Pepper Salad

Having watched a Steven Raichlen’s “Project Fire” show, where he cooked peppers and onions directly on coals of a wood fire for a salsa, I thought it would be fun to try it cooking vegetables directly on coals. I made a salad using Caveman cooked vegetables. I was very pleased with how the salad came […]

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New Kettle

June 24, 2020 Every so often, Bruce puts the kettle on to boil to make tea or coffee in the French press and forgets it. He’ll walk back to his office, put his headphones on, turn on some tunes, and get caught up in coding, email, social media, YouTube, or a game. If the kettle […]

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This is my go to guacamole recipe. I don’t recall where I read about grating the onion. Since I don’t care for biting into chucks of onion in my guacamole, I love how grating the onion distributes the onion flavor and I don’t have to worry about a chunk of onion overwhelming the rest of […]

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First Time About and Out

June 16, 2020 Saturday was the first time that I have been shopping since the pandemic started. Bruce has been doing the shopping for us. He normally goes shopping while I am working. With restrictions letting up, I wanted to go shopping. We took the truck to the Business Costco, as Bruce really wants to […]

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