Back from the Vet (Again)

January 27, 2020

We took Luna to her appointment to the vet today. The vet does not believe it is a kidney infection, but believes it is kidney disease. Luna was fine with them taking her blood pressure. She snuggled up against me and let them wrap the band around her leg. Then the vet tech took her back to get a sample for urinalysis. Then the vet spent a good bit of time talking to us about kidney disease. She recommended that we put Luna on a special diet and that they provide some additional hydration by doing a drip.

The drip was awful. Poor Luna cried and cried. My hands were curled up and my fingernails were biting into my palms. I know it was supposed to be good for her, but her cries broke my heart. It seemed to take forever, but I know it only took about a minute.

We got four types of the special dog food. When we got home, we opened one of the cans and let Luna try it. All was forgiven when she got the dog food. She loves it! She is back to eating properly again!

The dog food is going to cost us about $2.00 a day, but if it helps her, then it is going to be worth it.

Luna Just Up in the Morning, Blanket Coming Along

5 thoughts on “Back from the Vet (Again)

  1. I am so sorry to hear the news about Luna. I was told that dogs can put up with pain better than us humans, but it’s still gut-wrenching to see (and hear) them when they’re hurting.

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