Finding the Truck (6)

December 19, 2019 Bruce made a list of the the options on the truck that we test drove, and then we built a truck on the Dodge site. He then compared the list of things that we wanted to the the things the truck didn’t have.

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Finding the Truck (5)

December 18, 2019 Last night, Bruce and I discussed buying the truck over dinner. Bruce had taken the time to go through the truck specs on the truck we test drove, to see what was on it that we didn’t need/want and what was missing.

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Where Are We Planning to Go?

December 18, 2019 Updated on January 6, 2020 One of the most common questions I get asked is, where is the first place you are going? There are a few others questions I get asked: Do you have your route all planned out? Do you know where you are going? Where would you like to […]

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Christmas Buns

This is a modification of the Hot Cross Buns from “Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book”. Makes 30 large buns or 60 small buns Ingredients Rolls 2 cups raisins (300 g) 1 cup dried apricots (130 g) 1 cup walnuts (120 g) 2 teaspoons active dry yeast (1/4 oz or 7g) 1/2 cup warm water (120 ml) […]

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Finding the Truck (4)

We lucked out this morning, the weather was really nice for test driving the truck. It was a little cold, but the predicted snow didn’t happen. At 8:45 AM, we test drove a RAM 3500 dually with the Max Tow Package, with a crew cab and the 8 foot bed. It is a big truck, […]

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Banana Whip (Vegetarian)

I serve this a dinner parties very often, as it makes a very elegant and light tasting dessert. I like to serve it in my inherited old style champagne glasses or my martini glasses. I make this 1 to 2 hours ahead of time and refrigerate until dessert time. This is a heavily modified recipe […]

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