Bad Pedestal at RV Park

March 27, 2021 On March 19, we went to spend the night in the RV. We got there and unpacked some items. I made up the bed with the new mattress pad and sheets. Everything fit the bed, which was a relief. I set up my phone to be a hot spot, which was very […]

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Bruce Tries Out the Garage

March 5, 2021 Bruce tried putting his motorcycle in the RV garage. He was pleased with how easy it was to put in the motorcycle, but disappointed by how little space was left. We did not raise the bed, so this is what it looks like with the bed above the garage lowered. Our garage […]

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Nox Looks into the RV

March 4, 2021 Once we got home, after checking the rig was in a good spot, Bruce went inside and got Nox. Nox was so excited to see us. She was whining with excitement and her entire body wiggled as her tail wagged. Bruce wanted to show Nox what is going to be her new […]

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