Red Top Mountain State Park in Georgia

October 25, 2022

On Saturday (October 22), Bruce and I went to Red Top Mountain State Park on Lake Allatoona. It is a beautiful park with a $5 parking fee at the time of this post.

The welcome center is well inside the park.

Welcome Center

The welcome center has a little store and a back porch with picnic tables for visitors to use.

We bought a couple of t-shirts and a mug that Bruce wanted. We also picked up a map of the trails.

Bruce carried our purchases back to the truck and we head out on the Lakeside Hiking Trail near the truck.

It is a blacktop trail and very easy to walk. One section of the trail had xylophones. As we walked, we heard people playing them.

We left the trail and walked down to the water and then we walked onto the pier. We saw several fish from the pier.

There was a demonstration of cast iron works going on. The pouring was scheduled for 6:30 pm, but we didn’t stay to see it. We just didn’t feel comfortable leaving Nox for that long.

I spoke to one of the volunteers. They sell scratch castings. A visitor pays to get a blank, small or large, and then they scratch into the blank what they want to be raised. The volunteer hands out nails and pencils with reverse lettering on a paper. The nails are used to scratch out the raised design.

It did sound fun and I saw several families decorating their scratch pads.

As we continued on our walk, we came to a log cabin. It was so full of Halloween decorations for next week that you couldn’t really see how people lived. There was furniture underneath the bags of decorations.

Just past the cabin was a blacksmith shop.

We walked back to the visitor center and I got a mango popsicle. It was so good!

We headed out of the park. The drive was beautiful, with so many trees in their fall colors.

This is a beautiful state park. We didn’t get a chance to see the campground, as it is gated.

There are many trails in the park that we didn’t get to hike on.

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