Aurora History Museum

September 5, 2021 I took Friday off as I was told my PTO was about to cap. This a four day weekend and I can see how much fun being retired will be. Since we got rained out of our walk on Friday, Bruce and I stopped in at the Aurora History Museum last Friday. […]

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Nox with One Ear!

September 4, 2021 Earlier this week, while I was working out of the house, Nox was rolling about in her bed and folded one ear down. She looked like she was missing an ear. I told her to “shake” and she shook her head. The ear popped up and Nox had two ears again. We […]

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Leftover Fajita Quesadillas

I had a lot of fajita leftovers from a steak fajita dinner I made. While the fajitas were good, I wanted to try to do something different. I love quesadillas and thought the leftovers from the fajita dinner would make a great filling. I was very pleased with how well this turned out. I love […]

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