National Stand Up to Cancer Day

September 10, 2021

Today is National Stand Up to Cancer Day, sponsored by the organization, Stand Up to Cancer.

Bruce was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer at the age of 41. It took his doctors over six months to diagnose him, as they just didn’t believe someone that young would have colon cancer. Since Bruce believed he might have colon cancer, he kept pushing his doctors until they agreed to a colonoscopy. Colon cancer runs in his family.

He was actually relieved to be told he had cancer because it meant he could be treated. He had been in a lot a pain since the tumor was causing intestinal obstruction. I was terrified when the doctor told him he had cancer. I have never been so afraid in my life, not even when being charged by a bull.

Bruce’s positive attitude helped me cope with the gut wrenching fear I felt while he underwent six months of chemo treatment. He always knew he was going to beat the cancer. I did my best to reflect that positive attitude back at him.

It has been over sixteen years since he was diagnosed with cancer. His chance of the cancer returning is the same as the general population being diagnosed for the first time. I continue to be grateful he beat his cancer.

If you are fifty or older and have not had a colonoscopy, please consider getting one. It can save your life!

10 thoughts on “National Stand Up to Cancer Day

  1. So sorry you and your husband had to go through that, but glad the treatment was successful. There are so many things to be worried about, all we can do is take it one day at the time and try to remain positive. It’s great that you have been able to experience your dream of RV life.

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  2. Great advice! Over at City of Hope they call me Mr. Trifecta: three unrelated types of cancers (colorectal, bladder, skin) all with their own surgeries, chemos and therapies. But on the first two I am 6 years with no evidence of disease and as for the skin – I’m going over today to get a small ne removed. Congratulations to Mr. Bruce.

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    1. Skin cancer seems to continue to appear. I remember my grandmother having to have her skin cancers frozen off about every six months. I hope your skin cancer can be easily controlled.

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      1. It’s an old friend – too many years in Hawaii during the days when it was fashionable to get as dark as possible – slather on the baby oil. Lucky for me it’s never been melanoma so it’s usually just cut and sew and see ya in 6 months. Like an annuity for the practice.

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