Nox With a Cone of Shame

June 28, 2021 Last week, we noticed that Nox had licked her right front foot so much that she had a “hot spot.” That is, she had licked a spot on her foot raw; she has a red and slightly swollen spot on her foot. To keep Nox from licking the hot spot, we first […]

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Afternoon Walk in Park Near RV

June 20, 2021 Yesterday, Bruce, Nox and I went for a walk. We headed into the neighborhood north of the RV park. As we walked to the neighborhood, we passed a prairie dog colony. The prairie dogs barked as we walked by. Nox was very interested in the prairie dogs, but we convinced her that […]

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Under Contract on the House!

June 15, 2021 A lot can happen in one day! We are under contract on the house! Yesterday, we received a good offer and we accepted it! The retirement rv dream can move forward! We’ll be able to start our travels at the end of July. There is still a lot of work to do […]

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Hail Storm Pounds RV

June 13, 2021 We had a hailstorm this afternoon. It was loud, almost as if we were in a popcorn pan. Poor little Nox was frightened by all the racket and she wanted a pick up. Bruce held her and she calmed right down. She was no longer frightened as she snuggled into Bruce’s arms. […]

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Denver Meadows Campground

June 13, 2021 I did promise some pictures of our new campground. We are on the south side of of the park. It is a parking lot with hookups. At one time, there had been a swimming pool. The picnic area is in disrepair. The north side of the park has trees, gravel spots, concrete […]

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Star K Ranch Open Space

June 13, 2021 We decided to do some exploring near the campground today. We made a 8 to 10 minute drive to Star K Ranch Open Space and took Nox for a walk. Dogs are not allowed in the wetlands area, but they are allowed in other parts of the park.

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Dusk at the RV Park

June 12, 2021 At twilight, Bruce and I took Nox for a walk around the RV park. Bruce said, “How beautiful!” I thought he meant the sunset, but he pointed to the moon and Venus, flirting with the tops of the trees, in the burnt orange of the sunset. I took some pictures that I […]

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