Breakfast in Golden Colorado

May 15, 2021

This morning, we spent a couple of hours cleaning the house to get it ready to show. Fingers crossed for a good offer!

We dropped Nox off at the RV. We drove into Golden and parked by Clear Creek. We admired the flowers in the yard as we walked to the restaurant. We treated ourselves to breakfast at Cafe 13. We sat outside in the slightly foggy 52 degrees F weather. We wore our jacket while eating.

I had a raspberry muffin (yum!) and a bagel with cream cheese while Bruce had their Australian Scramble and part of my raspberry muffin. The food was as good as we had remembered.

Cafe 13 is in a historic building and I thought you might enjoy some pictures of it.

I took a picture of some rapids in Clear Creek with the mountains in the background.

Clear Creek Rapids

4 thoughts on “Breakfast in Golden Colorado

    1. The Australian Scramble was scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, tomato, blue cheese over hashbrowns with toast. Bruce assured me it was delicious. The plate started with a layer of hashbrowns, then the scrambled eggs, topped with diced tomato, with blue cheese was crumbled over it. There was an avocado half on one side of the plate that was perfectly ripe and two strips of bacon on the other side of the plate. The jam that came with the toast was house made and Bruce was kind enough to let me have a bite of toast with the jam. Yum!


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