Measurements for Hitching the RV

February 28, 2021 Bruce watched a Changing Lane video about hitching up a 5th wheel, which made him want to measure the truck and the hitch. He did several measurements and wrote them down. He can make sure the hitch is the right height. Bruce also did some percussive maintenance on the back of the […]

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Ohio, Here We Are

February 28. 2021 We have reached the hotel we are staying in and have had a late lunch or maybe an early dinner. Bruce saw a Popeyes Chicken just down the road from the hotel and that is what he wanted. We did walk about a 1/2 block to it. It felt good to move […]

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Onwards into Indiana

February 28, 2021 We are currently cruising through Indiana. It is foggy with some light rain. On the west side of I-70, we keep seeing new RVs going to their new homes. Indiana is where most RVs in the US are made. We are now one I-74 heading to Ohio. It is very flat fields, […]

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On Through Foggy Illinois

February 28, 2021 The last bit of Missouri was wet and foggy this morning. We couldn’t see either the Missouri River or the Mississippi River due to fog. In parts of I-70 in Illinois is very rough and there a lot of bumps. The entire truck is bounces up. I am really not looking forward […]

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Splashing Through Missouri

February 27, 2021 We are stopping for the night in Saint Peters just outside of Saint Louis. Here are some rather pictures, some better than others! In Missouri, it started raining on us on and off and then constantly for the last 45 minutes of the drive. We’ve made it 840 miles in one day.

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Rolling Through Kansas

February 27, 221 I didn’t get a picture of the Leaving Colorful Colorado or the Welcome to Kansas or Entering Central Time Zone. Here are some pictures of a rest area, farm, and windmills. I am going to see what else I spot. I have seen several hawks flying and perched. We are now in […]

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Sprouted Wheat Baguettes

Jeanne from A Jeanne in the Kitchen invited Bruce and me over to meet their new puppy and for the guys to watch a hockey game, while Jeanne, Pricilla, and I would make dessert. Jeanne promised us a lovely Italian dinner and I wanted to contribute, so I made a couple of sprouted wheat baguettes […]

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