Morning Walk at Sunrise in Poverty Point Reservoir State Park, LA

June 23, 2022

Nox woke Bruce up needing to go out at 4:45 am. Bruce moving about woke me up. He took Nox for a walk and when he got back, he asked if I wanted to see the planetary alinement.

I said, “yes.” I quickly got dressed. On the way outside, I grabbed my phone so I could use the Night Sky X app.

Once outside, along the road next to the rig, it was easy to see the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. Venus was blocked by the tree line, so I suggested we walk to the reservoir.

As we walked towards the reservoir, we reached an open spot along the road. We could see Venus above the tree height. We walked to the edge of the reservoir and enjoyed watching for Mercury on the horizon in the sunrise. I was able to use the Night Sky X app to identify stars and to see when Mercury would be above the horizon.

Unfortunately, there was some clouds on the horizon that hid Mercury.

We watched the sunrise over the water before heading back.

We walked back along the lake. We saw several turtles sticking their heads above water, then disappearing back underneath the water’s surface.

As we crossed the street, we saw an armadillo running across the field into the woods.

A lovely morning walk and well before the heat of the day.

14 thoughts on “Morning Walk at Sunrise in Poverty Point Reservoir State Park, LA

    1. Thanks. We have found it hard to get up early as well. If Nox hadn’t decided she needed to go out, we wouldn’t have been up. I love the night sky app. Seeing the star information is interesting and I find the man made satellites interesting as well.

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    1. Yes, there are several hibiscus plants in the park. This one was just touched by the pink of the sunrise. I thought it was truly lovely when Bruce pointed the flower out.

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    2. While I thought the flower was a hibiscus, one of the parks I was in today identified several wetland plants. The flower is a Rose Mallow.


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