Driving Back to Golden, CO from Moab, UT

October 5, 2020

On September 30th (Wednesday), we got up and packed up and loaded the truck up. We both did a quick check around the rented RV to make sure we hadn’t left anything. We managed to get out at 8:00 AM.

We drove to I-70 along Hwy 128 and it was very beautiful most of the way. The scenery wasn’t very attractive as we got close to I-70.

As we drove into Colorado, I asked Bruce to take the first exit on I-70, so we could see the Trail Through Time. There is a dinosaur quarry that is worked most summers and for those of you who boondock, there are two camping area on BLM land.

As we drove through Palisade, CO, it was beautiful mosaic of greens between two mesas of greys, reds, and browns.

The aspens were still golden on much of our drive back home along I-70. There was a major traffic jam along I-70 at Idaho Springs. We turned off on Hwy 6 as soon as we could. It was a beautiful drive home. Hwy 6 follows the Clear Creek trail and we noticed that the hiking trail along Hwy 6 had really been built out.

It was great to get home and see the wag-tailed Nox. She was thrilled to see us.

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