Scenic Byway – Hwy 128 Outside of Moab

October 3, 2020

On September 29th (Tuesday), after our stop at Lions Park, Bruce and I discussed going into town and getting something to eat for lunch. We also discussed taking Hwy 128 to see the views. We determined with the construction traffic in Moab, that it would be easier to take Hwy 128 from Lions Park and if we didn’t find a place to stop and eat along Hwy 128, then we would turn around and go into Moab for lunch.

Oh, I highly recommend taking the Hwy 128. It was stunning scenery!

We stopped at Sorrel River Ranch and Resort and got lunch. It was a beautiful ranch and I got most of my pictures from there. The food was delicious!

I was to busy admiring the scenery from the road to think about taking pictures! The pictures from the ranch give you an idea of what the scenery was like.

We went a ways further down the road and just a little ways past the sign that said I-70 was 22 miles, we turned around and headed back to Moab.

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