Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Trains and Railroads

August 4, 2020

I realize this is a week late for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Anything with trains and railroads, but I have some pictures of trains to share.

We went to Georgia by way of the California Zephyr during an arctic freeze. The train was freezing, literally. The water in the bathrooms froze! I would not recommend riding the train during freezing weather, unless you don’t mind the cold. The California Zephyr going to San Francisco is a wonderful trip, but again, I wouldn’t recommend it in the winter.

We road the Napa Valley Wine Train and it was a great experience.

On our road trip up Highway 1, we stopped and had California BBQ at a restaurant that had been train dinning cars.

8 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Trains and Railroads

  1. I love it. I see Bruce’s Porsche right there too. Did you take the Napa Wine Train? I’ve always wanted to do that, but never have. Years ago, when I lived in San Francisco, I worked at a Public Relations Firm, and the Napa Wine Train was one of our clients.

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    1. We took the Napa Wine Train on another trip. I would highly recommend it. The train took us to a winery and they had a great tour. The views from the windows of the train are stunning. We ate dinner on the train and it was so good! It felt very civilized to be drinking wine and watching the vineyards go by.

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