Caveman Steaks

March 16, 2029

On Sunday, we tried an experiment. Bruce wanted to practice his fire starting without a match skills, and I wanted to try cooking steaks on coals from a wood fire.

Bruce got the fire started in the fire pit fairly quickly.

Once the fire burned down to mostly coals, I put a packet of aluminium wrapped potatoes on the coals. When the potatoes were done, Bruce moved some of the wood and coals around and he put the steaks directly on the coals, under my supervision, of course. 😁

First Flip of the Steaks, Some Coals Are Sticking

We expected the coals to cook the steaks faster than they did. After we took the steaks off the coals, we checked them with the Themapen and realized the steaks needed to cook longer. Back onto the coals they went! The second time around, we left them long enough to get medium rare steaks. We did flip them again. They were very good! The potatoes were very nice as well, but I didn’t think to get pictures of them.

Ready to Eat!

While the coals did want to stick some, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared. The coals came off very easily. I didn’t do any timing to see how long this took, so I didn’t feel this really fit into the recipe category!

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