When Grass Seeds Attack

July 16, 2021 On Wednesday, Nox was shaking her head a bit and scratching at her ear. By Thursday, she was shaking her head and scratching at her ear almost constantly. When she wasn’t shaking her head or scratching at her ear, she was walking with her head at a funny angle. Bruce held Nox […]

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Update on Nox’s Foot

July 13, 2021 Bruce took Nox to the vet this afternoon. When the vet was examining the red spot on Nox’s food, the vet was pleased to see that it had deflated. She was even more pleased when a sharp grass seed came out of the red spot. The grass seed was what had caused […]

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Nox Has a Cyst on Her Foot

July 6, 2021 Nox was dropped off at the vet this morning to find out what was wrong with her foot. The “hot spot” on her right foot is a cyst. When she walks, it is irritated and swells up. Keeping her from walking was the right thing to do. We just didn’t do it […]

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Nox’s New Backpack

July 4, 2021 I ordered a backpack to carry Nox in after the long walk that hurt her footpads. Her footpads have recovered, but we have learned our lesson. We will now take the dog backpack with us and when she seems to get tired, into the backpack, she will go. We took Nox on […]

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Nox With a Cone of Shame

June 28, 2021 Last week, we noticed that Nox had licked her right front foot so much that she had a “hot spot.” That is, she had licked a spot on her foot raw; she has a red and slightly swollen spot on her foot. To keep Nox from licking the hot spot, we first […]

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Afternoon Walk in Park Near RV

June 20, 2021 Yesterday, Bruce, Nox and I went for a walk. We headed into the neighborhood north of the RV park. As we walked to the neighborhood, we passed a prairie dog colony. The prairie dogs barked as we walked by. Nox was very interested in the prairie dogs, but we convinced her that […]

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Hail Storm Pounds RV

June 13, 2021 We had a hailstorm this afternoon. It was loud, almost as if we were in a popcorn pan. Poor little Nox was frightened by all the racket and she wanted a pick up. Bruce held her and she calmed right down. She was no longer frightened as she snuggled into Bruce’s arms. […]

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