Meet Up with Fellow Blogger

April 1, 202 Beth, from A Year of Kayaking, stopped by today. She is traveling to Louisiana from Florida and I was on her way. We had a lovely visit. Nox enjoyed meeting Beth as well. Nox started to bark then realized that Beth was a nice person. Since Beth was nice person, Nox wanted […]

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Gulf State Park in Alabama

March 15, 2023 On Monday (March 13), we decided to head to Gulf State Park and see what it looked like. Nox was ready to go with us when I asked her if she wanted to go in the truck. Bruce drove down the Baldwin Beach Express, which turns into the Foley Beach Express. We […]

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I Want to Go for a Ride!

March 10, 2023 I have mentioned in the past that Nox likes to ride in the truck. The other day, Nox wanted to go for a walk. Bruce put her harness on her and gave her a loose leash. By loose leash, Bruce lets Nox lead and doesn’t control her direction as much. A tight […]

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