Rhubarb…Jungle Plant?

Rhubarb always looks so wild and lush, like an amazing jungle plant, with it’s enormous leaves and ruby red stalks. Yet, it is really a very hardy plant that grows well in a large range of climates. I love growing rhubarb and being able to harvest it. It has more uses than just pie, even […]

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Around the Yard

May 12, 2020 Spring is here! At lunch, I took a walk around the yard with my iPad, and took several pictures of flowers, buds, and new leaves. I just hope we don’t get any snow now!

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Southern Fried Apple Pies

I have been craving the food my grandmother used to make. I dreamed about making chicken and dumplings with her a few nights ago. I’ve also been thinking about her fried apple pies, so this weekend I made Fried Apple Pies. In my minds eye, I can see my grandmother in one of her checked […]

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Spring Trim for Nox

May 11, 2020 This weekend was time for Nox’s spring trim. We trim her in the spring, and it seems to take all summer for her wire hair to grow out for the winter. Here are some before and after pictures. Quick update on Luna, she is eating and being more active. The medicine that […]

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