Campfire Dinner Menu

To celebrate Bruce’s birthday, we had a campfire dinner, cooked in our fire pit. Dinner Party Menu from June 29, 2020 Appetizers Jalapeno Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Wrapped in Foil and Cooked on Coals Salad Caveman Roasted Bell Peppers and Yellow Onion with Fresh Lemon Thyme and Vinaigrette Dinner Lamb Rib Roast, Cooked in Foil, […]

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Happy New Year!

After all the rich food on New Year’s Eve, it feels good to eat simple traditional food today. My Aunt Hazel always said that black-eyed peas meant silver and my grandmother claimed they were for luck. Both agreed that greens meant dollars. And if you are eating greens, you need to have cornbread. Dinner Creamy […]

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