What’s Your Dog’s Superdog Name?

January 11, 2021

I feel so much better today. I hope I am finally over the bronchitis I’ve been fighting for three weeks. This weekend I took it very easy and spent most of the weekend reading, with Nox snuggled up against me.

Bruce went by and petted Nox. He jokingly said, “While Nox might be her Clark Kent name, it hints at her superdog name, The Night.” She does disappear completely in the shadows when she goes out into the yard at night.

Please put your dog’s superdog name in the comments below!

My Superdog Name Is The Night!

10 thoughts on “What’s Your Dog’s Superdog Name?

      1. Nox sometimes has problems when she eats rotten peanuts that the squirrel leave for her. Our neighbor feeds the squirrels peanuts and they hide them all around the yard. In the winter, the squirrels dig them up and leave the rotten ones for Nox. Luna ate rotten peanuts once and didn’t eat them again, but for some reason, Nox keeps trying them.

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