More Snow

October 26, 2020

The temperature dipped into the single digits last night, 6 degrees F and the snow continued falling all day yesterday and last night. We got 7 1/2 inches of snow from this snow fall. Today is only supposed to get up to 12 degrees F and 4 degrees F tonight. I am so glad we took the time Saturday to blow out our sprinkler system!

I found myself missing Luna something fierce this morning. When it was this cold and snowy, Bruce or I would clear a spot in the yard for Luna by shoveling a path in the snow from the back porch down to the grass. Once there was a path, Bruce or I would clear at least a 4 foot by 4 foot spot of snow down to the grass so Luna could go outside. Once there was a clear spot, I would tell her, “Luna, it is cold, cold”. She would then let me put her jacket on over her sweater and take her outside. Luna didn’t normally like to wear her jacket, but she seemed to understand that it kept her warm when it was “cold, cold” and she hated the cold.

Here are some early morning pictures.

7 thoughts on “More Snow

    1. It is very beautiful, but due to bitter cold that came with it, I am afraid it did a lot of damage to the trees that hadn’t lost there leaves yet. This happened a few years ago and the leaves turned brown and stayed on the trees until the spring. It was not attractive!


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