Kibble for Luna

February 27, 2020

Bruce took Luna to the vet on Monday for her fluid injection, and he picked up renal failure kibble for her.

Last week, Luna just refused to eat the canned dog food anymore. I tried picking some up in my fingers and offering it to her. I hoped she might think it was a treat if I hand fed her. Luna ran over, sniffed the bit of food, and gave me the stink eye. She backed up and turned and walked away with a very offended walk. Nox was happy to eat the food from my fingers.

Luna is happy with the renal failure kibble and she is eating it regularly. She is drinking a lot more water as well.

The next appointment at the vet is Monday, and the vet will be having blood work and a urine test done. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Luna is actually doing better. She seems to be more playful and that makes me think she is feeling better.

My Skinny Little Luna Looking at Bruce

A quick update, we weighed her later this evening and she came in at 5 pounds! It’s still a ways to go to get her back up to 7 and a half pounds, but she’s making progress.

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